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Since 2005 our company designs, manufactures and commercializes innovative devices in the field of hospital hygiene.
Our objective is to supply our clients with sustainable, practical and effective solutions. Our idea is to propose a relevant and appropriate solution in all areas considered at risk.
We consider ourselves to be a trendsetter in the field of hygiene and we strive to continuously ensure better solutions. We work hard every day to turn the battle against germs and other micro-organisms into a philosophy of life and to ensure that hygiene procedures are not seen as physical, ecological or economical constraints, but as a natural act prior to each medical or paramedical procedure: surgical interventions, examinations, medical care, various manipulations, etc.
Since our company was created, we have relentlessly pursued excellence in a field of development we call “the innovative hygiene”.

Innovating, listening, understanding and proposing: that’s our philosophy and strategy.

Biocleaning against COVID-19

A consistent and professional range of products for the virucidal biocleaning of medical equipment and “high risk” surfaces.

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