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Legal Notices

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Zone Industrielle de Sainte Consorce - Batiment 28 - 69280 Ste Consorce
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Generales terms and conditions

When you visit this Website, you are subject to the general terms and conditions of access and use detailed below, and to all applicable laws. When you access, visit and use this Website, you accept without any reservations the general terms and conditions, which prevail over all other agreements.


Website content refers to general structure, texts, animated and still images composing the site. THX MEDICAL reserves the right to modify or correct the site content at any moment and without notice.

Copy rights and/or Design rights

The current site is a work whose author is THX MEDICAL according to the articles L. 111.1 and following

the French Code of Intellectual Property. Design and development of this website have been carried out by the WOOHUP studio.

Photos, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences with or without sound as well as all works included in this website are the property of THX MEDICAL or of third parties that have authorized THX MEDICAL to use them. Reproductions, on paper or on an electronic medium, of this website are allowed provided they are strictly limited to personal use only, precluding advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes and/or provided they comply with article L122-5 of the French Code of Intellectual Property.

Intellectual property

In accordance with the French Code of Intellectual Property, the user exclusively holds:
- an individual and non-transferable right of private user on the contents of the site or any of the elements contained within it;
- reproduction right for storage for purposes of representation on single-user screen and reproduction, in only one specimen, for backup copy or pulling paper.

Any other use is subject to prior express authorization of THX MEDICAL or of the content producers concerned.

The same applies to any, even partial, representation and/or reproduction of the content of this Site and/or of one of its elements, in particular:
- For commercial and/or advertising and/or distribution purposes;

- For usage purposes of one of the Site elements in a networked computer environment.
It is prohibited, in particular, to present a page of this Site in a framework not belonging to THX MEDICAL (using the “framing” technique) and to insert an image belonging to THX MEDICAL in a page not belonging to THX MEDICAL (using the “in-line linking” technique);

- Repeated and systematic extraction of protected or unprotected elements of the Site causing any injury to THX MEDICAL or to the content producers. This includes in particular elements protected by articles L. 341-1 and following the Code of Intellectual Property.


THX MEDICAL warns the users of this Site that many elements of this site:

  1. a) are protected by the legislation on copyright: photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences,...
    b) and/or are protected by the legislation on design;
    c) are protected by the legislation on brands.
    The elements thus protected are the property of THX MEDICAL or of third parties that have authorized THX MEDICAL to use them.


In consequence, any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, alteration, incorporation, translation, commercial use, in part or in full by any process and in any format whatsoever (hardcopy, digital, …) is prohibited, without the prior written authorization of THX MEDICAL, with the exception of the exemptions provided in the article L 122.5 of the French Intellectual Property Code, and will be deemed to be infringement of copyright and/or rights governing design and/or brands. The violation of these provisions can lead to civil and criminal sanctions under current legislation (punishable by a two-year prison sentence and a 150,000 € fine).


The photos published on this website are either owned by THX MEDICAL or bought on the, istockphoto, Matton websites.

Protection des données personnelles

The Site may be visited without your having to disclose your identity or any other personal information about you.

Limitation of liability

The use this Site is under only and whole responsibility of the user. THX MEDICAL shall not be liable for direct or indirect damage, including material loss, loss of data or programs, financial loss resulting from the use of the Site or other sites linked to it.

The contents of this Site are provided for general information purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice. The instruction leaflet provided with our products should be consulted before their use.

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The Site may include links to other sites.



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