Physicians working in their offices and their employees may perform activities involving a probable infectious risk for the patient and for themselves.

Physicians and their patients are a potential source of contamination. Furthermore, physicians are more frequently treating immunosuppressed patients such as those undergoing corticosteroid therapy or chemotherapy, transplant or HIV patients, etc. Some medical fields may involve higher transmission risks of infectious agents such as gynecology, ENT and urology; reusable medical devices are therefore used.


Using ECOWIPES MD or ECOWIPES C solution in combination with an effective surface disinfecting detergent such as CLEANISEPT facilitates the surface disinfection between two patients.

The medical equipment used in the physician’s office for the examination and treatment of patients is a major potential vector of pathogenous bacteria.
An effective way to prevent transmission consists in cleaning and disinfecting these devices after each use.

ECOWIPES C are a guarantee of effective surface biocleaning and significant time savings.


The 100% polyester non-woven material completely renders the disinfecting solution and ensures an excellent contact between the solution and the surface.

Large-sized wipes (32 x 30 cm) to optimise the biocleaning.

More hygiene: Differs from the “2 buckets” techniques :
- the container is perfectly airtight (no airborne bacteria)
- wipes are never exposed to air.

Differs from “spray” techniques:
- pre-soaked wipes: significant time savings
- the weight of the liquid per wipe does not depend on the user
- wipes are never exposed to air


These wipes may be used with any disinfectant available on the market, including CLEANISEPT.

Reduced preparation time :
2 liters of disinfecting solution for 90 wipes, soaked at once.

The re-sealable container limits liquid waste.

The sealed system also prevents the disinfecting solution from evaporating and prevents any “inadequate” use of wipes.

Easy to stock and use: wipe roll / disinfecting sachets / tracking labels are delivered in a thermo-formed plastic film.

A wide variety of colours is available for the cover of each container to identify :
- the disinfecting products used
- the different intended use

Expenses control

Reduced consumption of disinfecting solution:
10 ml of concentrated solution for 90 disinfection operations.

Less wipes used for the biocleaning:
the SUPER ECO WIPES solution ensures a more rational and correct use of wipes

Reduced risk of “misuse” of wipes.

Refillable container.

Significant time savings.

An environmentally responsible concept

The 2 liters of solution prepared for 90 wipes are completely absorbed :
no biocides substances are released into wastewater systems.

The prepared solution may be used for 28 days
(with some disinfectants available on the market, especially CLEANISEPT, SURFANIOS, etc.).






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