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THX MEDICAL is a major player in the hospital hygiene sector, but what really sets it apart is its eco-responsible vision which guides each of its actions. Convinced that economic success cannot be dissociated from environmental preservation and social well-being, THX MEDICAL strives to integrate sustainable practices into all facets of its operations. From the design of its products to their distribution, including human resources management, the company is firmly committed to playing a positive role in building a sustainable future.

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An eco-responsible concept

THX Medical products are environmentally friendly. The solutions prepared are completely absorbed by the wipes, which prevents the release of biocidal products into the waste water networks.

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What’s new ?

Disinfection of surfaces (Risk areas)

Ultrasol Oxy: The Ultimate


THX MEDICAL with its partner, the Dr SCHUMACHER laboratory, offers a particularly innovative and high-performance range of products based on the active ingredients of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. In addition to EN17846 sporicide, the products have a very broad spectrum of effectiveness. The product can be applied both routinely and in the event of epidemics. The extraordinary material compatibility and extremely fast action times guarantee a particularly high level of effectiveness and user-friendliness. With this sustainable solution, THX MEDICAL considerably increases the level of surface hygiene.

DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES exists in 2 versions: 100% POLYESTER or 100% BIODEGRADABLE material

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Surface disinfection

Ready-to-use alcohol-based wipes for the gentle disinfection and cleaning of medical devices, medical equipment and surfaces of all kinds in areas close to the patient. DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES offers universal and rapid application for disinfection and cleaning of medium-sized surfaces. DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE wipes are based on a perfectly coordinated combination of non-woven support material and soaking liquid allowing optimal restitution and disinfection effectiveness with a very short contact time. Also perfectly suited to the disinfection of computer equipment (touch screens, keyboards, mice, telephones, etc.)

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Exawipes / biowipes

Surface disinfection (High Surfaces and Medical Equipment)

Roll of large wipes (32 x 30 cm) to be placed in a dispenser bucket and soaked in appropriate disinfectant solution. Ideal for disinfection of large surfaces as well as for disinfection of medical equipment in risk areas. EXAWIPES/BIOWIPES is of high hygienic quality (wipes placed in an airtight bucket) and also has high disinfection quality (generous humidification of the wipe without a dependent operator). The material used can be either 100% Polyester, allowing the mechanical action of wiping to be increased tenfold thanks to the resistance of its fibers, or a biodegradable material. The EXAWIPES /BIOWIPES concept can be used with all disinfectants on the market. It allows you to adjust the concentration rate of the disinfectant product as well as the humidification rate of the roll of wipes according to needs.

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On this page, you will find all the technical data sheets, safety data sheets, material compatibility data sheets, risk management data sheets, food contact certificates, standards and expert reports, quality and product data sheets. sustainable development, as well as brochures concerning our products.



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