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THX Medical: the medical hygiene specialist

Since 2005, our company has designed, manufactured and marketed innovative devices in the field of hospital hygiene.
Our desire is to offer our customers and partners sustainable, practical and effective solutions. Our idea is to provide a relevant and adapted solution in all risk areas.

We see ourselves as the trendsetter in the field of hygiene and we continually strive to invent better solutions. Every day, we work so that the fight against germs and other micro-organisms becomes a philosophy of life, and that hygiene acts are no longer perceived as physical, ecological or economic constraints, but as an obvious prerequisite to any medical or paramedical procedure: surgery, examination, care, various manipulations, etc.
Since our existence, we have sought to excel in this area of development that we have called “innovative hygiene”.

Innovate, listen, understand, propose: this is our philosophy and strategy.



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Our company: THX MEDICAL is proud to be at the forefront of the eco-responsibility movement. Since its creation, our company has made environmental protection a top priority, while focusing on the excellence of its products and services. Our vision is to reconcile economic development and preservation of our planet, by adopting sustainable practices at all levels of our activity.

Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by adopting innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Our production processes integrate clean and efficient technologies that reduce our energy consumption, while limiting waste production. We also promote the use of recycled and recyclable materials in the manufacturing of our products, with the aim of preserving natural resources.

At THX MEDICAL, we believe that awareness and education are essential to promote sustainable living. We share knowledge and practical advice with our customers and partners. We also collaborate with local environmental organizations to support conservation and reforestation projects, helping to preserve fragile ecosystems.

Our social and environmental responsibility also extends to our employees. We implement fair work policies and promote a healthy and respectful work environment.

THX MEDICAL is determined to be a reference model in terms of eco-responsibility. We believe that businesses have an essential role to play in building a sustainable future. By combining innovation, social commitment and respect for the environment, we aspire to create a long-term positive impact, both on communities and on the planet.