• Optisal Plus is a disinfecting detergent:
  • *Bactericide, Fungicide, Basic Virucide
  • *Alcohol-free, Aldehyde-free, phenol-free
  • *For any surface type, alcohol-sensitive material, MD
  • *Low toxicity
  • *Food contact approved
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(ref. : 00-910SEW3015MO)

Single-use refill of 30 wipes, 30x30cm format, delivered with a 25 ml sachet of OPTISAL PLUS disinfecting agent and tracking label.
Surfaces and medical devices requiring a high level of hygiene are easily and rapidly cleaned.

Perfect for physician, dental or veterinary offices, medical vehicles and isolation rooms.

To be used with the CONTAINER OF EXA WIPES M



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P.U : 3,20 excl tax

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THX Pros

  • Single-use excellent support made of a non-woven material, offering an effective disinfecting tool
  • Once prepared, the disinfecting solution may be used for up to 28 days with OPTISAL PLUS
  • Very resistant 100% polyester wipes
  • Lint-free material prevents the transmission of germs
  • Very hygienic, practical and cheap device

How to use

  1. 1. Prepare the disinfecting detergent solution in a 1L quick-check BEAKER : pour OPTISAL PLUS in 1L of water
  2. Open and put the wipe roll into the container
  3. Pour the prepared disinfecting solution directly onto the wipe roll, making sure that the roll is soaked
  4. Close the container, passing the first wipe through the center of the cork
  5. Fill in the tracking label.


100% polyester non-woven material, 60 gsm²
OPTISAL PLUS is a quaternary ammonium compound